Das Bierbeben No Future No Past

Despite their cutesy facade, Das Bierbeben are quite serious about their music. Using a mixture of English and German lyrics, these Berliners spread nonconformist messages through bare-bones, techno-based electronica. With female vocalists Der Osten and Der Westen (the East and the West) leading the otherwise male quintet, the group’s sound is a sort of bubblegum cyber-punk — like a politically-charged, industrial version of Josie and the Pussycats, but in a good way. No Future No Past is a feisty album with catchy beats and bratty synth accompaniments with a sense of detachment both lyrically and vocally. The disc also includes two videos accessible on QuickTime that are fittingly basic in content. At times the music does become repetitive, and in "Reproduktion” a suspenseful intro of bass sounds leads nowhere particularly interesting. Still, the distinctive nature of each song is compelling enough to keep you listening. The 30-second long "Rein Dich Ein” samples the group’s rawk abilities. And the sinister edge behind "Schizophrene” oddly complements the mixture of guitar and club beats in "Wir Sind.” No Future No Past is definitely an attention-grabbing release. The negatives are overshadowed by the positives, and the album is one that fans of German industrial and synth-pop can appreciate. (Shitkatapult)