Darkside's Dave Harrington Announces Debut LP as Dave Harrington Group

Darkside's Dave Harrington Announces Debut LP as Dave Harrington Group
After rolling out a series of remixes late last year, former Darkside member Dave Harrington is returning to musical action with his first ever solo record. Working with a number of friends and collaborators as the Dave Harrington Group, his debut LP Become Alive is set to touch down this spring.

Inspired by classic jazz albums of the late '60s and early '70s, each track reflects Harrington's unique musical sensibilities, a press release explains, including jazz training, collaborative spirit and a use of mixing and post-production techniques to create a finished product.

"This record is the result of improvising with different combinations of people, and then processing and re-sculpting those improvisations — isolating passages, turning them into something new, overdubbing layers of myself, maybe taking something from another piece and superimposing it out of its original context," he explained in a statement. "But each track is always me interacting with other people, sometimes just one or two… sometimes 10."

Harrington continued: "Ultimately, this album is very personal. This is my first LP with my name on it. It's me and a dozen of my favourite musicians and closest friends. That was the spirit of making this record… Bringing people together and playing, improvising, being present."

Become Alive will arrive on April 15 through Other People Records. Scroll through the tracklisting to hear the title track in the player below.

Become Alive:

1. White Heat
2. Slides
3. The Prophet
4. Cities of the Red Night
5. Steels
6. Become Alive
7. Spectrum
8. All I Can Do