Darkbuster A Weakness for Spirits

It’s about time that another release from these drunken Beantown bastards came out. This time it comes via the good folks at Stumble Records. A Weakness for Spirits is straight-up and full speed ahead, street rock’n’roll with more than a little oi and reggae thrown in for good measure. These boozers have been at it for about ten years now, and it shows. The 18 catchy-as-hell, sing along ditties rarely hit the three-minute mark and seem to revolve for the most part around lost weekends and lost loves. That is with the exception of the songs about cantaloupe-sized testicles and Nazi grandmothers. A Dropkick Murphy and a Mighty Mighty Bosstone add their vocal stylings to the mix, which tells you pretty much where the band are coming from sound-wise. This one will have you raising your pints and your voices! (Stumble)