The Darcys Reveal Plans for 20-Minute Instrumental Track and 'Warring' Video Series

The Darcys Reveal Plans for 20-Minute Instrumental Track and 'Warring' Video Series
Toronto art rockers the Darcys are no strangers to taking risks and venturing beyond their comfort zone. The band remastered their self-titled album after the abrupt departure of their lead singer, released two albums for free and covered the entirety of Steely Dan's iconic album Aja, establishing themselves as creative innovators. Despite having just released Warring, the final instalment of their Arts & Crafts-released record trilogy, the band are already planning next steps, including a video series and a mighty long new single.

As the band's drummer/lyricist Wes Marskell tells Exclaim!, the Darcys will soon reveal a 20-minute instrumental track inspired by Cormac McCarthy's Border Trilogy, with special attention paid to the trilogy's final volume, 1998's Cities of the Plain. Inspired by the novel's rural setting, the band "wanted to go away to a different space and record this record. Not in Toronto, not in a studio," Marskell says.

The track was recorded in a barn in Grey Highlands and the setting itself purportedly plays a role in the song. "We got to record the space and the sound of the space, and try to engage that with the music we were recording."

The Darcys are no stranger to experimentation, and if the song proves successful, there may be more unorthodox endeavours on the horizon.

"I hope people can eventually relate to the song," says Marskell, "because I think it's something really cool, something we really wanted to do. If it's done well, then it allows us to do other really weird things."

At this point, the Darcys hope to release the song for Record Store Day.

The Darcys' creative pursuits aren't only in the sonic realm, however. "We're hoping to do 10 videos for [Warring]," says Marskell, one for each song on the record. Two have been released so far, for "The River" and "Muzzle Blast," with another on the horizon.

But just a collection of mere music videos isn't enough for the band, as Marskell explains. "We're trying to do a 10-minute film/music video for 'Lost Dogfights,' which might get shot in Cuba, which is really cool."

Warring is out now on Arts & Crafts. The Darcys will be touring Canada beginning next month, and you can see all the upcoming dates here.