Danny Tenaglia/Various Back To Basics

Back to Basics is a double-CD release marking the tenth anniversary of the UK club of the same name. Commercialising the event to the max, club founder Dave Beer has the legendary Danny Tenaglia produce a celebratory pair of discs that defines a night out with the man. CD one is disco-edged and slightly tribal-esque, with just enough bongos and vocals for effect. In classic Tenaglia style, the superlative track selection moves between classic soul-charged house and progressive rhythms. Tenaglia's mix of "Contact" (the 16 B remix) with Celeda's "Be Yourself" vocals, which smoothly deepens into the techno throb of "Superchumbo," is a good example of his cross genre mixing mastery. Disc two cuts loose with a stronger tribal sound and more progressive tracks; bass lines are beefed up and vocals haunt, as opposed to being sung. Both mixes pulse rather than charge with heady, techno-fied tribal house, resulting in two CDs that, as the man himself claims, are the closest yet to encapsulating his live performance. (System)