​Daniel Romano and the Outfit Announce Live Album 'Okay Wow'

Hear their live take of "Nerveless"
​Daniel Romano and the Outfit Announce Live Album 'Okay Wow'
Daniel Romano and his live backing band the Outfit have revealed plans for a live album called Okay Wow. It's due out on March 27 via You've Changed Records.
The album was recorded by Kenneth Roy Meehan while the group were on tour in Scandinavia, and it was mixed by Ryan Morey.

In addition to Romano, the band features David Nardi, Roddy Rosetti, Ian Romano, Juliana Riolino and Tony "The Pope" Cicero.
Amongst the songs include on the catalogue-spanning final tracklisting are "Empty Husk," "Hard on You" and "Modern Pressure."
Check out the full tracklisting below.
The first live rendition to be released is "Nerveless," which you can stream down below, as well.
Okay Wow:
1. Empty Husk
2. Toulouse
3. Hard On You
4. Time Forgot (To Change My Heart)
5. Roya
6. The Long Mirror Of Time
7. Hunger Is A Dream You Die In
8. Strange Faces
9. Turtle Doves
10. Sucking The Old World Dry
11. Nerveless
12. Human Touch
13. Modern Pressure
14. What's To Become (Of The Meaning Of Life)
15. When I Learned Your Name