Daniel Lanois Sheds Light on Two New Solo Albums

Daniel Lanois Sheds Light on Two New Solo Albums
As of late, Daniel Lanois has played some shows with the gospel act Hallelujah Train and put his support behind new streaming service UpRise.FM, but the Canadian songwriter and producer has now set his sights on two new solo albums.

The first of these is called Flesh and Machine, which will be out this fall through Anti-. "It's pretty much a studio laboratory record," he told FFWD. "Hand-played instruments, of course, but I sampled and dubbed from those sources and came up with a pretty interesting melange that I believe is some of my finest work."

The album will apparently include "symphonic sounds never heard before." One tune called "Sioux Lookout" mixes the sounds of humans and animals.

Meanwhile, Lanois is already working on another album, with this one focusing on steel guitar. "With technology, the steel guitar is still a very mechanical piece of equipment that you have to stay with and practice and learn how to master the pitch of," he explained. "So the steel guitar record really has that feeling of devotion in it. Because it doesn't have a lot of razzmatazz or technology, so the harmonic interplay becomes the fascinating thing about it."

Stay tuned for more information about the impending LPs.