Daniel Ibbotson Frequency and Phase

Like the music of Jazzanova and Spritual Life, Daniel Ibbotson's latest album conveys the sound of house music reaching for its maturity. His beats clock in between garage and jazz-funk tempos, with a rich sense of percussion and atmosphere. Their grooves get stroked with a gorgeous sense of tone and melody without selling out to contemporary house conventions. No in-your-face kick drums, disco clichés or filter madness. Yet, a pulse remains throughout the album, with the music building up slow, creating a drama for the listener waiting for the beats to drop. In the case of "Island Song," the music rises up with jazzy keys and congas, but the harder beats never kick in  but of course, that just what makes it exciting. Last year's dance floor favourite "Things Change" makes a reappearance on the disc in a more synth-funk form, while Celebrate" features DJ Roger Sanchez narrating a philosophy of music as the essence of meaning and living over the airy vibes. With the exception of the near-anthemic "PSI," Frequency and Phase may put most house heads to sleep, but it promises that the dreams will be sweet. (Glasgow Underground)