Daniel Carter / Tobias Wilner / Djibril Toure / Federico Ughi

New York United

BY Nilan PereraPublished Feb 11, 2019

There is more than a passing nod, on this release, to the experiments in free jazz/electronic/hip-hop fusion conducted by Matthew Shipp on the Blue Series spin-off to the Thirsty Ear label.
Daniel Carter is the tip of the melodic spear, shimmering on top of the wash of electronic sound design crafted by Tobias Wilner. The framing is completed by drummer Federico Ughi and one-time Wu Tang bassist Djbril Toure. Carter's saxophones, flute and trumpet, curiously, do not take on the traditional role of soloist, but enter and leave like verses in a song or stanzas in a poem. Almost asides, almost not there.
One can reference the latter-day Miles Davis in this take on presence, as Carter chooses sidelong commentary over a direct command of agenda. Ughi's drum sound also occupies a blurred near-shapelessness, though not lacking in articulation.
You really have to listen to sort out Djbril's bassisms from the low-end work in the electronics. In this sense one might crave a little more definition in the production, but you really don't miss it if you're down with a head-bobbing trance groove with plenty of thought as well as body motion. Night music on a long drive. Coolness.
(577 Records)

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