Dana Edmonds Hybrid Being

Born out of Montreal, Dana Edmonds is definitely an artist moving in the right direction. Hybrid Being, her debut full recording, is just that — a diverse blend of soulful vocals, down-tempo, trippy loops and easy listening feel good lyrics. Self-dubbed as "alternative groove” — the union of pop and electronica — this recording is exactly that sort of blend. While it would probably be more accurate to slot Hybrid into the chill-out category given the subtly of its sound, the delicacy of Edmond’s vocals and the ambient hip-hop rhythms, there’s a freshness in this album that is beyond mere categorisation. Totally a laid-back vibe throughout, Hybrid Being is probably part autobiographical as Edmonds is responsible for writing all songs on the album. But an artist not afraid to reveal their soul on a recording, while an unabashed move, undoubtedly pays dividends in the end. (Plug)