Dan Deacon Scores New Documentary About Rats

Dan Deacon Scores New Documentary About Rats
After playing a handful of film festivals earlier this year (including the Vancouver International Film Festival), the vermin-themed documentary Rat Film is finally ready to be distributed by Cinema Guild. Even if you're creeped out by the critters, there's another good reason to see the film — Dan Deacon wrote original music for its score.

The film explores the rat population of Baltimore, exploring the creatures' relationship to human beings. Here's its official synopsis:

Neither walls, fences, nor alleys, separate us from these pests who make their homes in and amidst our boundaries. 'Rat Film' is a dazzling new documentary work that uses the rat — as well as the humans who love them, live with them, and kill them — to explore the history of the city of Baltimore. As 'Rat Film' demonstrates using a unique blend of poetry and analysis and even a dash of sci-fi, there's never been a rat problem in Baltimore, it's always been a people problem.

In addition to the score from Deacon, the film's teaser trailer also features music from fellow Baltimore act Ed Schrader's Music Beat.

Watch the teaser below [via Indiewire].