Dâm-Funk "Love Is Here 2Nite (Can You Feel It)"

Dâm-Funk 'Love Is Here 2Nite (Can You Feel It)'
Perennially hip West Coast label Stones Throw, which built its name on its progressive take on hip-hop has recently been increasing its profile with artists casting their eyes on bygone eras. Mayer Hawthorne may have garnered a significant amount of attention for his take on way-back soul music, but his label-mate Dam-Funk is plumbing the musical territory of another, more recent era.

Known as the "Ambassador of Boogie Funk," Dam-Funk (pronounced Dame Funk) has been busy resurrecting the spirit of under-appreciated early 80's R&B and funk production. Set to release his Toeachizown debut later this fall, Dam-Funk has been releasing the album (which will be over two hours long in total) in five different volumes in digital format first. From Toeachizown Vol. 3: Life, Dam-Funk has made "Love Is Here 2 Nite (Can You Feel It) available as a free download.

Differing slightly from the instrumental cosmic head nod of his music usually induces (see "Hood Pass Intact"), the tracks on the third volume include vocals on all the tracks. Despite the current backlash against the use of electronically modified vocals, Dam-Funk knows how to deploy the technology and dismissing this mid-tempo gem would mean missing out on an irresistible and intimate blast from the (imaginary) past.

Download Dam-Funk's "Love Is Here 2Nite (I Can Feel It)" here.