Dale Morningstar I Grew Up On Sodom Road

Dale Morningstar is a musical institution within himself, for himself and for Canada. And he can create wonderful music that sounds as if it came from an institution, but without all the inexplicable incoherence that can come from such a place. Simply put, he is a true example of someone being himself. Although this is touted as his first solo album, it is actually his second, but the first is from 1988, so we'll call this his first. This is an essential listen, since it provides us with the reasoning behind Morningstar and gives a glimpse inside his head. It is also a more coherent way to get to know what he does and why he does what he does in his other band, the legendary Dinner Is Ruined. It is here we are adorned with rough and quiet country rock ballads that go beyond the familiarity set upon by genre godfathers such as John Fahey or Bob Dylan. The album bleeds with passion, and the roominess of the recording makes him right there with you, and in between songs, or in the small passages of internal desert-like repetitive head noise, à la DIR, you feel like feeding him. This album is a winner for its honesty, and for what no one else can do except for Dale Morningstar, the Chippewa Cowboy. (Sonic Unyon)