Daedelus & Jogger / Various Friends of Friends REMIXED

New Los Angeles imprint Friends of Friends Music released this remix EP of their debut release, Friends of Friends Volume One (directed by L.A. electronic music whiz kid Daedelus). The concept of the label is cool. First, they invite an artist to produce a record. The artist they select invites a fellow artist to do the record with them and a visual artist to create the album artwork, which is also printed up on a T-shirt. Friends of Friends REMIXED turns a crowd of three into a party when new musicians jump in and remix the tracks (four of the original six). Michna's remix of Daedelus's "C'est Super" lives up to the name with a suspenseful and exhilarating twist of hard drums, dark bass and technological glimmers. Meanest Man Contest bring in a load of cool samples to another Daedelus track, "Off to the Races," with cool, ego-driven rhymes by Cuzzo. Grahm Zilla of Thunderheist, Keenhouse, Mexicans with Guns and Nosaj Thing create distinct remixes of "Nice Tights" by Jogger through lenses of electro, disco, glitch and cowboy western. With Friends of Friends, it's all about community. (Friends of Friends)