Daddy's Hands Welcome Kings

Welcome Kings is a viciously engaging record; it also marks the far too early end to a musical career that stretches back almost a decade. In late 2006, Daddy Hand’s 33-year-old singer and songwriter, Dave Wenger, reportedly died in a hit and run car accident in Montreal, and this disc marks the group’s final recording. With this tragic backdrop, Welcome Kings nevertheless thrashes with a livid imagination that occasionally recalls the likes of Captain Beefheart and Pere Ubu. Rhythms twist and turn with jagged edges while elastic guitars stretch notes, allowing Wenger to unleash an expertly raw howl overtop. Songs such as "Dress You Down” and "I Went Back In Time (To Shut You Down)” deliver intricately arranged and highly compelling sounds. While Daddy’s Hands largely flew beneath the radar during their career, Welcome Kings delivers a strong confirmation of the group’s prowess, presenting a highly challenging but rewarding art rock record.

(Kill Devil Hills, (Kill Devil Hills)