D∆WN "Running from Sane"

D∆WN 'Running from Sane'
R&B singer Dawn Richard recently rebranded herself with the decidedly angular moniker D∆WN, and has now unfurled a shapely new single as the first official entry of this year's Adult Swim Singles Series. You can grab onto her free single, "Running from Sane," right now.

The track plays sleek and experimental, with the extended intro rolling out via choppy beats, a codeine syrup drip of bass synth, and meditative, digitized Oms. Following a few pitch-shifted vocal snippets, D∆WN's IRL vocals soar through the mix, imploring us to wave our hands in the air if we're feeling all kinds of crazy.

You'll find the new track down below, and you can download it over at the Adult Swim site. Future entries from Run the Jewels, Skrillex, Slayer, Chromatics, Danny Brown and more will be delivered throughout the summer.