Cypress Hill Bring Back DJ Muggs for New Album

Cypress Hill Bring Back DJ Muggs for New Album
Here's some news that should make you go insane in the brain: the three original members of perma-stoned California rap crew Cypress Hill have reunited and are prepping their first album together in close to a decade.

A statement from the group confirms that helium-voiced MC B-Real and barker Sen Dog will once again be working with producer DJ Muggs on an upcoming LP, marking the first time the trio will have issued a full album together since 2004's 'Til Death Do Us Part. Muggs had, however, contributed a few beats to 2010's Rise Up.

Though details are slim, the band are currently working on the record at the Soul Assassins Studio in Los Angeles, with a release date expected sometime next spring. According to Muggs, the street date info is encrypted on the band's website.

"The sound is anti-everything that's popular and is in a world of its own," the producer said of the developing song cycle, adding that "the lyrics [are] delivered with the vocal tenacity of a stoned gypsy roaming across the country through the mist."

Of reuniting with Muggs, B-Real said: "It's great to have DJ Muggs back at the helm of the production."

 He added: "When Muggs, Sen and I work together there's a chemistry between us that brings forth powerful music. It's going to be ill, man. He's got fire and a lot of people have been waiting for us to reunite like that, so we're all looking forward to it."