Curren$y "Fast Cars Faster Women" (ft. Daz) (video)

Curren$y 'Fast Cars Faster Women' (ft. Daz) (video)
If there's one thing we know about Curren$y, it's that he's not averse to indulging in a little marijuana every now and then. The New Orleans rapper's new album is called The Stoned Immaculate, and now he's released a weed-friendly video for the Daz-featuring single "Fast Cars Faster Women."

Despite the speedy implications of the title, this mellow video actually plays out in slow motion, as Curren$y drops some laid-back rhymes while sporting a bucket hat. Meanwhile, his crew fires up some joints and kicks back with a few female friends.

The Stoned Immaculate comes out June 5 through Warner Bros.

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