Curren$y "Cars" (video)

Curren$y 'Cars' (video)
While we're accustomed to spliff-smoking rapper Curren$y living the high life, he's keeping himself grounded in his new video for "Cars" by celebrating low-rider culture.

"Cars" has Spitta celebrating all sorts of ground-grinding whips with booming systems. In verse, he talks about choppin' up his own ride, and fixing it up with a fancy throne instead of a factory-fashioned seat. You'll find him praising tricked-out Impalas in the street-set video below. He seems to really get a kick out of the liftoff a buddy gets in the finale.

May we also point out that this latest video clocks in at a suspicious four minutes and 20 seconds.

"Cars" comes from Curren$y's new Even More Saturday Night Car Tunes EP.