The Cure's Disintegration Deluxe Edition Gets Spring Release Date

The Cure's <i>Disintegration Deluxe Edition</i> Gets Spring Release Date
If you were an angsty teenager in 1989, there's a pretty good chance that the Cure's Disintegration was your favourite album. A gothic opus with 12 songs that stretch over 70 minutes, it's a far cry from pop hits like "Friday I'm in Love" or "Just Like Heaven." Still, the album remains the highest-selling and best-loved moment of the Cure's celebrated career.

We already reported that the album was due to receive a trip-disc reissue this year. Now, the Deluxe Edition has now been given a release date of May 24 courtesy of Rhino, and the Cure's blog offers a detailed breakdown of what the the extras are composed of.

The first disc will feature the original album in remastered form. Disc two contains home recorded demos and outtakes from 1988-989, including four previously unreleased songs: "Noheart," "Esten," "Delirious Night" and Judy Collins's "Pirate Ships." Disc three will be an expanded version of the 1990 live album Entreat, which was recorded over three nights at London's Wembley Arena in 1989. Entitled Entreat Plus, it expands the original eight-track collection to twelve songs - the entire Disintegration album in live form.

It's been 21 years since the original album was released, so it's about time the album got the reissue treatment. Now, a new generation of moody teenagers can make it their favourite album.

Disintegration Deluxe Edition:

Disc One: Remastered Album

1. "Plainsong"
2. "Pictures Of You"
3. "Closedown"
4. "Lovesong"
5. "Last Dance"
6. "Lullaby"
7. "Fascination Street"
8. "Prayers For Rain"
9. "The Same Deep Water As You"
10. "Disintegration"
11. "Homesick"
12. "Untitled"

Disc Two: Rarities (1988-1989):

1. "Prayers For Rain" (instrumental home demo)
2. "Pictures Of You" (instrumental home demo)
3. "Fascination Street" (instrumental home demo)
4. "Homesick" (instrumental demo)
5. "Fear Of Ghosts" (instrumental demo)
6. "Noheart" (instrumental demo)
7. "Esten" (instrumental demo)
8. "Closedown" (instrumental demo)
9. "Lovesong" (instrumental demo)
10. "2late" (alternate version, instrumental demo)
11. "The Same Deep Water As You" (instrumental demo)
12. "Untitled" (alternate version, instrumental)
13. "Babble" (alternate version, instrumental)
14. "Plainsong" (guide vocal)
15. "Last Dance" (guide vocal)
16. "Lullaby" (guide vocal)
17. "Out Of Mind" (guide vocal)
18. "Delirious Night" (rough mix)
19. "Pirate Ships" (rough mix)

Disc Three: Entreat Plus:

1. "Plainsong" *
2. "Pictures Of You"
3. "Closedown"
4. "Lovesong" *
5. "Last Dance"
6. "Lullaby" *
7. "Fascination Street"
8. "Prayers For Rain"
9. "The Same Deep Water As You" *
10. "Disintegration"
11. "Homesick"
12. "Untitled"

* previously unreleased