The Cure Clarify Plans for Sequels to '4:13 Dream'

The Cure Clarify Plans for Sequels to '4:13 Dream'
The Cure's Robert Smith has been talking about the long-awaited sequel to 4:13 Dream for years now, and the singer has written a lengthy new blog post explaining the status of the album and the band's future release plans.

In a post titled "As Clearly and Succinctly as I Can…" — which turns out to be almost 800 words long — Smith addressed the fallout of his recent interview with XFM, in which he called the album "a bit of a sore point."

He clarified, back in 2007, the Cure recorded 33 songs and planned a double album, but he ran out of steam and ended up releasing a condensed album of 13 songs and four B-sides. Since then, the band have changed lineups, gone on temporary hiatuses and toured extensively, while Smith has added new vocals to the unreleased songs (a number of which were previously instrumental).

To finally bring this long-in-the-works project to an end, Smith is planning to released a limited-edition double-CD album called 4:26 Dream. This will contain 26 songs, including instrumentals; 10 of these tracks will be previously unreleased. This will be the original album Smith conceptualized.

There will also be a single-CD album called 4:14 Scream containing 14 previously unreleased songs. Some of these might be the same as the instrumentals from 4:26 Dream, but here they will have vocals.

Smith plans to finish all this "in the next month or three." He also alluded to a number of forthcoming live albums, mentioning Live in Paris 2008, Reflections 2011, Summercure 2012, LATAM 2013 (referring to the band's Latin American tour last year) and RAH TCT 2014 (the recent Teenage Cancer Trust shows at London's Royal Albert Hall).

He also added that he wants to "create some new new music with this current Cure lineup," so stay tuned for more updates from Smith and company soon.