The Cure "Three Imaginary Boys"/"Fire in Cairo"/"Boys Don't Cry" (live acoustic)

The Cure 'Three Imaginary Boys'/'Fire in Cairo'/'Boys Don't Cry' (live acoustic)
A malfunctioning keyboard is a drag for any touring musician, but the Cure managed to turn a glitchy instrument into concert gold last night (July 12) at Bilbao BBK Live in Spain. Although the start of band's headlining set was delayed, frontman Robert Smith used the extra time to perform a few solo acoustic numbers.

All three tunes were gems for the Cure's early days, as Smith played "Three Imaginary Boys," "Fire in Cairo" and "Boys Don't Cry" in stripped-down form. This is rare treat coming from a songwriter who usually keeps his band close at hand.

Watch the clip off all three songs below [via Slicing Up Eyeballs]. The crazy part? This mini-set was followed by an epic 35-song performance by the Cure.