Cults "You Know What I Mean" (video)

Cults 'You Know What I Mean' (video)
Cults have a bit of a penchant for unsettling music videos, and following a previous clip based on the mass suicide at Jonestown, the buzz-worthy indie pop act have rolled out a similarly chilling video for the waltzing ballad "You Know What I Mean."

In keeping with the song's melancholic tone, the video shows singer Madeline Follin caring for sideman Brian Oblivion after he is, uh, maimed in a fire-jumping stunt at a carnival. It's a bit of a strange concept, and fire-jumping definitely wasn't we had in mind when we first heard Follin singing about being "afraid of the light." Still, watching him go up in flames in slow motion is an effectively eerie image to accompany this pretty tune.

Watch it below, courtesy of NPR.