CSS Offer Up Early EPs for Free

CSS Offer Up Early EPs for Free
Before achieving international renown in 2006 with the Sub Pop release of Cansei de Ser Sexy, Brazilians CSS self-released a pair of EPs: 2003's A Onda Mortal (The Killer Wave) and 2004's Uma Tarde Com PJ (An Afternoon with PJ). Now, the band are offering both EPs as a free download.

According to the Creators Project [via AUX], the EPs were previously lost, but unearthed using the Internet database Wayback Machine. CSS's blog suggests a slightly different story, however. Last weekend (October 30), the band wrote, "Hey y'all! A fan of ours, Arthur Rezende, posted our two first EPs ever (circa 2003/2004) called A Onda Morta (The Killer Wave) and Uma Tarde Com PJ (An Afternoon with PJ)."

No matter where the EPs originally came from, you can grab them at this link, with CSS adding, "Even I don't have these EPs anymore. They were all handmade. We made around 200 copies each!"

This ought to tide over CSS fans until the release of their forthcoming third album. Back in the summer, the band revealed that they were in the midst of recording. There's still no word as to when the record will be out or what it will be called.

A Onda Mortal / Uma Tarde com PJ:

1. "Meeting Paris Hilton"
2. "Sô Lora, Sô Burra"
3. "Hollywood"
4. "Bezzi (versão gay) vs. Sweet Dreams"
5. "One Way or Another vs. Teenage Kicks"
6. "I Wanna Be Your J.Lo (Missy Elliott vs. Yeah Yeah Yeahs)"
7. "I Wanna Be Your J.Lo (Sleater-Kinney vs. J.Lo)"
8. "Ódio, Ódio, Ódio, Sorry C"
9. "Humanos"
10. "Madonna Dos Infernos (Hollywood)"