Crystal Stilts "Shake the Shackles" / "Magnetic Moon"

Crystal Stilts 'Shake the Shackles' / 'Magnetic Moon'
When we reported on Crystal Stilts' new single earlier this month, we only had clips of two tracks: "Shake the Shackles" and "Magnetic Moon." Now, we have both songs in their entirety.

The "Shake the Shackles" seven-inch will be released on October 26 via Slumberland. A press release previously described the title track as "totally timeless and impossible to place anywhere but firmly in Crystal Stilts' unique style," while "Magnetic Moon" was said to be "a bluesy chug that comes on like some lost swamp-pop classic." Were those descriptions apt? Judge for yourself below.

Expect a new full-length from the band in early 2011. Thanks to Pitchfork for the heads up.