Crystal Skulls Outgoing Behaviour

While the titular objects behind the band name may be objects of mysterious power, there’s actually not too much mystery to the songs provided here, as they showcase a confident voice that takes from many genres, but never sacrifices its beating heart laden with pop. The title foreshadows the bright, open approach taken to style here, as the harmonies and upbeat ideas come close to the twisted styles of the Old Soul or P:ano. Also significant is that there’s usually a little out-genre twist thrown into the proceedings, like the electronic chords in opening title track, or the twang in "Just like You Want,” which add a little flavour to the eminently buoyant tone. The only downside to all this is that it gets a bit one-note after a while. Sure, it’s fun and fresh, but there’s also a thin line between inspiring and insipid. The line doesn’t ever get fully crossed, but toes creep over once and a while. Crystal Skulls know how to craft one hell of a pop song, but doesn’t everyone agree that someone who’s always outgoing gets a little annoying after a while? (Suicide Squeeze)