Cruciamentum Unveil Debut Album, Share New Track

Cruciamentum Unveil Debut Album, Share New Track
Following a few mini-releases, UK death metal destruction unit Cruciamentum have finally come together for a full-length album release. The exhumed outfit continue their journey with Charnel Passages, which arrives on CD and digitally September 4 through Profound Lore. A vinyl edition lands at a later time.

The Canadian metal imprint notes that the band recently wrapped up recording sessions for the debut LP, which was tracked with UK producer Greg Chandler at his Priory Recording Studios. The release comes after an "almost-indefinite hiatus" that found band members focusing on other projects, including Grave Miasma.

The album is described as presenting a "paradigm of virulent, crawling dark death metal majesty." It apparently features "strong, warm, clear production" and leans towards vintage, '90s-era death metal aesthetics.

Down below, you'll be gutted by an audio stream of the set's vicious first single, "Piety Carved from Flesh." There, you'll also find a full tracklisting for Charnel Passages.

The album follows the outfit's Convocation of Crawling Chaos demo from 2009, as well as 2011's Engulfed in Desolation EP and Cruciamentum's split 7-inch with Vasaeleth.

Charnel Passages:

1. The Conquered Sun (The Dying Light Beyond Morpheus Realms)
2. Necrophagous Communion
3. Tongues Of Nightshade
4. Rites To The Abduction Of Essence
5. Piety Carved From Flesh
6. Dissolution Of Mortal Perception
7. Collapse