Crowdpleaser & St. Plomb 2006

2006 is a rare tech-house album that flows like a complete album, and not just a bunch of tracks. It starts with the ambient opening "Early” and then leads into the sweet and spacey "New Times Roman.” From there it goes into different genres, like the techno of "Mardi Gras” and the odd electronic hip-hop of "Cash on Time.” Overall, it’s certainly tech-y grooves, mostly with good melodies. Tracks like "Today” and "18 Years” should move any dance floor. The only poor tracks are "1er Mai” and "123,” which feel half-done. The album ends with a great guitar and synth drone called "Last.” It’s nice to see that techno artists can put together a listenable album and raise their game above the standard smattering of tracks. (ATO/Sony BMG)