Crowdfunding Campaign Aims to Turn Kurt Cobain's Childhood House into a Museum

Crowdfunding Campaign Aims to Turn Kurt Cobain's Childhood House into a Museum
Last year, Kurt Cobain's childhood house in Aberdeen, WA, went up for sale, with the family saying that they hoped the buyer might want to turn the property into a museum for the late Nirvana star. Now, a fundraising campaign is hoping to achieve just that.

Portland resident Jaime Dunkle has launched a campaign on GoFundMe with a lofty goal of $700,000. According to a message posted by the founder, "We're making sure this house is memorialized by us fans so it doesn't end up in the clutches of capitalist greed. This museum will reflect the anti-commercialism spirit of Nirvana."

That's a photo of Kurt's old room above. Below, watch a short video for the campaign filmed inside the house.

Dunkle's plans are still somewhat in the air. She's hoping to start a museum with donated items from his life, although this is still in negotiation. Rewards for donating are also still unknown, although any contributors will get a lifetime membership to the museum, and a $300 donation will, somewhat arbitrarily, get you two tickets to Die Antwoord's upcoming Portland gig.

The campaign has been slow to get publicity; as of this writing, it's been live for 17 days and has only raised $35 from three contributors. That means there's still $699,965 to go, so a whole lot more folks are going to need to get involved to make this a reality.

Check out the campaign here.

This spring marks the 20th anniversary of Cobain's death, and we've been hearing a whole lot about him as of late. Some of the singer's possessions were advertised in a phoney Craigslist post, two Washington towns (Aberdeen and Hoquiam) announced their own Kurt Cobain Days, and a crying statue was made public.

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