Crocodiles "Foolin' Around" (NSFW video)

Crocodiles 'Foolin' Around' (NSFW video)
With Crocodiles' new Boys LP arriving in a few weeks' time, the fuzz-favouring outfit have delivered another pre-release preview from the LP. Interestingly, the cool new animated video for "Foolin' Around" has arrived with Charles Schulz-jacking aesthetics and in various languages.

As you'll see down below, the video casts the group's Charles Rowell and Brandon Welchez as a pair of Peanuts-type figures that have clearly taken a few fashion tips from beagle about town, Joe Cool.

Crammed into a neon-lit dance club, they fire off a few danceable riffs for a night club crowd full of sexy anthropomorphic poodles, one-eyed Euro Disney rejects, Abe Lincoln, and beer-swilling vamps. They themselves bust out a few moves that suggest they'd be perfect in a Schroeder-scored Christmas pageant.

Animated or not, we may have to call this NSFW because of some unsettling human-on-horse action in the club and the sight of the zipper-mask guy's cartoon penis. Either way, you'll find the "Foolin' Around" video, as well as international versions that have Welch singing in French, German and Spanish, down below.

Boys lands May 12 through Zoo Music. As previously reported, Crocodiles will support the set with a number of upcoming tour dates, including stops in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

"Longs Longs Baisers" (French language version):

"Dieses Durcheinander" (German language version):

"Echando Desmadre" (Spanish language version):