Crocodiles "Endless Flowers" (video)

Crocodiles 'Endless Flowers' (video)
Fandom takes a turn for the worse in the dark and humourous new clip for Crocodiles' "Endless Flowers," from the band's recent album of the same name. As a reward for carving the group's moniker into her forearm, a beyond unhealthily obsessed fan gets a private Crocodiles concert in the comfort of her very own bedroom.

Singer/guitarist Brandon Welchez and guitarist Charles Rowell appear in a hazy mist sporting matching leather-jacket-and-sunglasses combos, swaying back and forth to their fuzzy dream-pop number. Everything else in the room, from an '80s-era computer to the dresser to the blinds, gets in on the rocking Pee-wee's Playhouse-style.

The googly-eyed girl passes out at the sight of the hunky Welchez, or maybe from blood loss, but gets composed enough to walk up to the dude and squeeze him tight. You can see all the, ahem, eye-popping action down below.