Cristian Vogel Music for the Creations of Gilles Jobin

If electricity could embody emotion, if it could get dizzy, excited or feel sad, Cristian Vogel’s work is what it would sound like. All of the hisses and static, the psychedelic whirls and repetitive revolutions make you want to canoodle your alarm clock and tell it that everything is alright. You also get the sense that the machines making the music are also affected by the very sounds they’re emanating. The music’s ability to move the listener is appropriate, as this double disc is a recording of two of the four projects Vogel has done with Swiss choreographer Gilles Jobin: Delicado (2004) and Double Deux (2006). Delicado is an hour-long mix of metronomic beats, samples and random noise. Introducing Double Deux is "DD Engine,” 15 minutes of the newest sounding techno out there. Remember those huge plastic balls with an elastic band attached to the end that you endlessly punch back and forth? Well, that’s what it sounds like, sped up and recorded in a huge cement enclosure to produce the greatest echo effect. "The Walk” explores ideas of weight and movement as the beats pan and bend back and forth. As for "Slapping,” I’m of the opinion that if everyone was regularly subjected to this level of bass there would be less conflict in the world — people would want to share what they own. There’s just something about the physicality of bass that opens up a person, and that’s what happens on this cut. Vogel is still touring with Jobin’s dance troupe, wowing audiences across the globe. (Kompakt)