Crime In Choir The Hoop

I, for one, couldn't be happier about prog rock's recent resurfacing. Math rock has been getting attention for a while now, but while that genre no doubt derives itself from prog's beat-counting and convoluted structures, something was unquestionably left out of the equation. Though prog was never known for danceable rhythms or quotable melodies, there certainly seemed to be more groove in their step than the new generation of time-obsessed band geeks. But now, thanks to great new bands like the Mars Volta and Shy Child, a newly improved, less whimsical prog rock has arrived. And Crime In Choir has all the ingredients to join the ranks. Super-charged drumming, tasty synths and oddball guitar lines surge through The Hoop's ten tracks, leaving the vocals out in favour of raw instrumental efficiency and drive. While the appearance of Zak Hill (Hella's insane beat keeper) provides a little name appeal, each of the musicians involved plays their role with class and candour. All said and done, The Hoop is simply a great sign of things to come for brainy independent music. (Frenetic)