Creep Division Creep Division

You can always tell who the frustrated members of a given band are. They're the ones who feel the need to launch solo careers or side projects while still part of a viable, functioning unit. Such must be the case with bassist Chuck Platt, of Good Riddance, and Craig Setari, from Sick of it All. For this debut from their joint side project, neither plays bass, that's handled by GR singer Russ Rankin, who must be doing this as a favour. Platt and Setari are the chief songwriters and handle the guitar and vocal duties, respectively. The band's sound is a return to the glory days of early angst-core like Minor Threat and Youth of Today, which I suppose makes sense, since Setari was the vocalist in another seminal East coast band, Straight Ahead. If old school youth crew angst is your thing, you'll love this. (Sonic Unyon)