Though it means we can avoid ex-girlfriends and bill collectors, Caller ID killed the crank call star. Sure, you can dig out old Jerky Boys cassettes, watch Bart Simpson call Moe’s to ask for Amanda Huggenkiss or see the Crank Yankers puppets hassle customer service reps, but it’s just not the same as personally tormenting crotchety neighbours, school bullies and your creepy cousin. But those of us with a penchant for asking if your refrigerator is running are back in business. The "Phone Trick Page” ( lets you type in the number you want to call, the number and name you want their Caller ID to display and a message, which is read by a computer voice. The interweb does the rest. Alas, you can‘t hear their reaction and the message ends with your IP address so it’s not totally anonymous. Nevertheless, methinks the CIA may be calling some of my more paranoid pals.