Craig Richards/Various Fabric 15: Tyrant

For what it’s worth, the packaging of this two-disc set is unique. Tyrant is a repetitive, robotic and at times forgettable compilation. Nonetheless, there are elements of reviving euphoric loops, which bring it just above the surface. This album is a completely dichotomous one for while at times it’s all quite dark and industrial, in another instance it’s filled with a multiplicity of electro grooves, funky broken beats and deep bass lines. Singling out Carsten Jost’s "W.U.O (Eight Miles High Mix)” on disc one, for example, is the right combination of smooth bass-driven samples paired to workable techno rhythms. Disc two, on the other hand, offers up a slightly less invigorating array of electronic sounds, many of which are out of time. If there’s a tyrannical element to this release, it’s disc two for sure, as one disc probably would have sufficed. (Fabric)