Craig Leon "Donkeys Bearing Cups" (video)

Craig Leon 'Donkeys Bearing Cups' (video)
Multitalented composer Craig Leon is revisiting his early '80s synth works with Anthology of Interplanetary Folk Music Vol. 1, which is due out on June 24 through RVNG Intl. and compiles the albums Nommos and Visiting. Now, he has released a video for the Nommos cut "Donkeys Bearing Cups."

The track is a minimal synth number that centres around hypnotic drum machine rhythms. There are also some sci-fi synth drones, which overtake the arrangement is the second half of the song.

The accompanying video was made by Andrew Strasser, and it's based on artwork by the Dogon tribe, whose religion inspired Nommos. It shows computer animated 3D sculptures and abstractions. Watch it below.