Craig Finn "Preludes"

Craig Finn 'Preludes'
Craig Finn recently announced his return to the realm of solo albums with news of an impending LP titled We All Want the Same Things, and now the Hold Steady frontman has given us a better idea of what's on the way with a single called "Preludes."
It features a signature Finn narrative, with characters, American cities and bar settings woven into every verse, sung-spoken atop slightly less characteristic instrumentation.

"This was what I remember 1994 being like, coming back to the Twin Cities after being away for college," he told NPR. "It's a time in my life that I felt most adrift, but there was a also a feeling of wonder in being out of step and alone. This is the song that is closest to being autobiographical, but I think it fits with these other character studies. I was trying to figure out my place in a world that didn't seem to have a lot of room for me."
The track will appear on the aforementioned album, which is due out on March 24 through Partisan Records. Listen to "Preludes" below.