CPI Destroyed Ideas

You wouldn't normally associate our stodgy nation's capital as a hotbed for noise. Maybe, it's the deadening bureaucracy that causes these creative eruptions. That said, Colin Pascal, who has been quietly releasing various limited cassettes and compilations since 1994, might change all that. Destroyed Ideas is Pascal's debut CD sampler and it immediately refutes the album's title. Pascal's ideas are very much alive and Destroyed Ideas brims over with a creative intelligence that isn't content to merely turn on his distortion boxes and drown us all in feedback. Instead, Pascal is far more interested in creating tightly-woven layers of sound that while they may include elements of white noise like on "Behaviour,” are also infused with subtle details like a Japanese girl screaming to be heard above the distortion on "Gaijin." Or try holding onto your stomach while listening the accelerating take off of "Hard to Stomach.” "Leave Me Alone" is a radio experiment that would make Scanner proud. Destroyed Ideas is the work of a sound shaper to definitely watch out for. (Uprising)