Coyote Oldman house made of dawn

Marvellous for the first 12 minutes or so, this native Indian flute project suffers from the sameness of it all, as atmospheric ballad mode predominates, notably in rich performances like “Into the Vast,” “Strength,” “Sweet Morning” and “In Warm Velvet Darkness.” Of course this is not so much music to listen to, as sounds to meditate and dream by. I’d prefer more balance between the flute ballads and the dramatic impressionism of “Light and Mist,” “House Made of Dawn,” “Standing on Earth,” “Returning Always” and “Emergence” that feature denser synthesiser textures. While these help to create a powerful opening and finale, there’s a long stretch of six tunes between “Walk in My World” and “Returning Always” where I thought I had programmed the auto-repeat mode by mistake. (Hearts of Space)