Cosmologic Syntaxis

Jason Robinson, the saxophonist in Cosmologic, is a dedicated artist in the California new music community, also recording on free from electronics label Accretions. Here he participates in a jazz quartet that might easily slide into the Vandermark-centred orbit of Chicago modern jazz. Like those musicians, Cosmologic knows enough of the history and standards to occasionally nod towards their ’60s and ’70s forefathers. Trombone player Michael Dessen is responsible for authoring nearly half the tracks and his quieter themes are as interested in each instrument’s disparate sounds as in their organisation. Bassist Scott Walton is equally at home planting a deep acoustic groove or droning up tones that lock in trio with the two horn players. Percussionist Nathan Hubbard adds his flourish joined in places by Dessen on shakers and Robinson’s contribution of occasional atmosphere-building electronics. (Circumvention)