Corwin Fox Compassionate Relay

At first listen, Corwin Fox appears to be a happy-go-lucky, church camp folk song group. Then the dancehall toasting starts and the song about the swelling penis and theological existentialism calls into question exactly what dose of which psychedelic drug this band is on. Ultra-cheap canned beatbox, madly strummed acoustic guitars and fervent mandolin solos frame some very neatly written off-the-wall and heretical bible-folk on this album. Tongue in cheek political satires ("We Love the Beehive Burners") and slumbering pop for the thinking underling ("Tao," intentionally mispronounced "Tay-oh" here) keeps Compassionate Relay interesting in that "what will happen next" sort of way. Compassionate Relay ultimately sounds like the diary of the wise ass in the back of the Vacation Bible School class. (Coqi)