Corrections House Detail Debut Album 'Last City Zero'

Corrections House Detail Debut Album 'Last City Zero'
Metal supergroup Corrections House have come through with their promise to issue their debut disc by fall, having just announced an LP titled Last City Zero hits retailers October 29 via Neurot Recordings.

A press release explains that the eight-song set was produced by the band's Sanford Parker at Electrical Audio, Soma Studios, 60 Psycho Hum and Nodferatu's Lair. Apparently the 50-minute album "delivers a wholly cerebral, impossible-to-pinpoint kaleidoscopic synthesis of mechanical decomposition, atmospheric abnormalities, and poetic putrefaction."

Less abstractly, the band comprises Nachtmystium/Minsk member Parker, Neurosis's Scott Kelly, Yakuza's Bruce Lamont, and Eyehategod's Mike IX Williams — as well as a newly revealed "minister of propaganda," Seward Fairbury — so you could arguably use those bands as touchstones. That, or perhaps Corrections House's devastating 7-inch from earlier this year.

You can see the video for that wax slab's "Hoax the System" down below.

Last City Zero:

1. Serve or Survive
2. Bullets and Graves
3. Party Leg and Three Fingers
4. Run Through the Night
5. Dirt Poor and Mentally Ill
6. Hallows of the Stream
7. Last City Zero
8. Drapes Hung by Jesus