Coral Nightfreak and the Sons of Becker

One would like to think that the Coral’s new mini album was spawned by an inventive group, driven by youth and afflatus to cloister themselves in the woods for a dose of cogitation and creation. But it was probably all a lark. In all likelihood, they bought an ounce and shacked up in Wales for a week, committing songs to tape for the simple fact that they knew they’d forget most of the session. With this in mind, the young Scousers should be lauded for creating an extemporised curate’s egg where one would expect them to shit the bed. "Precious Eyes” and "Lovers Paradise” exhibit the band’s effortless knack for pop that dominated their eponymous LP, whereas "I Forgot My Name” and "Migraine” can hardly be considered songs at all. Of course, they are just kids and kids should be allowed to play, let’s just hope that the pot was laced with paint thinner and that they left the dealer’s number in Wales. (Deltasonic)