"Cheek Biter" (video)

BY Bradley Zorgdrager Published Jul 19, 2016

Toronto's CONVERSATION just might be worth yelling about, as their capitalized name suggests. And yell they do, with their post-hardcore sound peppered with shouts and bolstered by a comeback of the sound they adore so much (the colloquial "screamo" from the early to mid-2000s). Just ahead of that wave cresting, we have the exclusive premiere of new music from CONVERSATION in the form of a video for "Cheek Biter."

The single is the band's first release since 2014's Fig. 1 and is set to appear on that EP's follow-up, Fig. 2. And as a teaser for the forthcoming release, it does a damn fine job: balancing the aforementioned screams with tuneful hooks, all courtesy of vocalist Timothy John Bolton all the way from Australia. The music underneath is as catchy as pop punk but played with an earnest energy picked from heavier bands.

Visually the video is your standard performance footage in a plain room, with spice being added via shots of people using their phones, playing off the lyrical theme of society's addiction to cells.

Watch the video below and be on the lookout for more information regarding Fig. 2 in the coming weeks and months.

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