Conjure One Extraordinary Ways

Featuring vocal contributions by the likes of Poe, Chemda Kalili and Johanna Stevens, Conjure One is a series of collaborations with Rhys Fulber (known best for his work in Frontline Assembly) at the project’s heart. Do not expect much of his industrial music influences to shine through however — the spirit behind Extraordinary Ways falls closer to the realm of pop. This dreary and melodic release reeks of self-absorbed depression, epitomised best in the bad poetics and irritating chanting in "Dying Light.” Fulber and company also take a stab at covering the Buzzcock’s "I Believe,” presenting an overproduced electronic version filled with echoic vocals and a slower beat. Although the attempt is appreciable (especially with Fulber on vocals), this track ultimately begs for a listen to the original. Despite having four different female vocalists offering their talents, one would be sufficient; there is not enough of a range represented here and the vocal contributions tend to water this product down. The disc is at least effective atmospherically throughout, with the best tracks focusing on Fulber’s talents. "Beyond Being,” for example, is a great ethereal track made effective through experienced composition. For future endeavours, Fulber would do well to take a more anterior role. (Nettwerk)