Confusion in Stereo Confusion in Stereo

An itty-bitty teaser of this Montreal-based band’s music, this three-song EP brims with great promise in its first two tracks, and then obliterates any charm with its third one. There is a distinct air of emo about the first two tracks, but, by the sheer fact there is no money for hi-fi slickness, the lo-fi qualities bring some grand messy elements that harkens to a louder and un-ironic Pavement. The first track "E Nova,” rings with echoed, harmonising guitars and lead singer Danny Lajoie’s earnest tenor, and leaves the listener interested in where else the band can go. Second track, "Flagshop Mercenary,” uses scattershot drums, some crunchy feedback and hides a reggae soul. It is in the third track, "Sequel” that the band lives up to its name. Apparently giving up on any direction established in the previous songs, this song is pure metal/grind/hardcore. Hard driving beats, throat searing screams and little purpose, this throws everything for a loop. Confusion in Stereo could certainly be a great band, in fact, they’re probably a pretty good one right now, but they live up to their name a little too closely for comfort. (Independent)