Computor Rockers Galaxy Defenders

Now that the nu electro of Britain's DMX Krew has had success in Europe and Japan, Ed from the group has started the Breakin' label. After 19 releases of classic techno-bass sounds by Mandroid, Bass Junkie and others, and acid by Squarepusher's brother in Ceephax, Ed DMX steps up with a full-length by his Computor Rockers alter ego, including two tracks from previous singles, "Bass Takes Control" and "The Return Of The Computor Rockers." His sound is a nostalgic return to the Bambaataa/Baker framing of Kraftwerk beats and samples ("Musique Non Stop" and "Tour De France" in the former, "Telephone Call" in the latter). And with a old video game style cover of "Popcorn" disguised as "Pengo," this disc is time travel that will make you smile. (Breakin')