Complicated Shirt Strigine

There is nothing like good feedback. Complicated Shirt is NYC garage rock, but much more down and dirty than the Strokes and the like. Their songs work their way inside your head and you can almost feel them bouncing across your cranium. Their sound is melodic, pretty music held up by a wall of fuzz. Hard, fast, and pretty does not always work on the same CD, but they manage to pull it off. Something along the lines of David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Richard Hell, this gives a good contrast. On the song "Catripetal Pills,” they almost sound like a folk band, albeit one influenced by the Fall. Garage bands with keyboards are a good idea; it adds new dimensions that transcend what the typical guitar, drums and bass bands can accomplish. Their lyrics also sound more literate than the typical garage band. At times they can be a tad disturbing, but they get lost in the music. (Independent)