Comin' From the D Blueprint

This album encompasses a variety of styles, including '80s electro and Detroit techno and more contemporary minimal house, all nicely blended together to form a buffet of genres. The opening old school-style track, "Cigarette Lighter," put a grin on my face the moment I popped the CD in my Discman. There are also some sweet, darkly minimal tracks, like Maersk's "A.M.," and I have previously heard Dopplereffekt's "Pornoactress" worked into a gorgeous dubby house session. Though I must point out that I hope DJ Godfather's and DJ Assault's misogynist lyrics on their tunes are truly tongue-in-cheek. Otherwise, this is one of those well constructed and blended compilations that puts one foot in the future with the other firmly balanced in the past. (Intuit-Solar)